Posted: 7 years ago Quote #17
just trying to figure some things out my tv started to do this awesome thing were it only turns on for about 3-5 seconds and shuts off I don't get a picture or anything the green light comes on when you turn it on but only stays on for about 3-5 seconds then shuts off I changed the power cable and same thing no difference I checked around online to see of possible causes so I checked the fuses and resistors they are not bulgy or have any liquid coming from the tops the fuses don't look to be blown but that's as far as I got then I was refered to this sight so am asking for some assistance or possible repair service not lookin to spend to much but didn't realize I was goin to need to replace a tv every 3-4 years any advice or tips or tricks or service would be much appreciated I seen a board on here for 75 if that's what fixes my problem then hell ya but I don't want to just replace boards as they are expensive I would like to try and rule some things out before just throwing boards and finding I just spent more money than the tv is worth