Philips 42" Plasma cyclic powersupply crowbaring at turn on.

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Mode:l 42PFP5332D/37
I removed one by one the power supply cable plugs from the Samsung power supply. Only one cable stops the power supply from crowbarring on/off. It is the cable to the Philips video input output card at the bottom of the plasma screen. Cable is IM03 and has 5 functioning connections listed.

pin 2 - 5Vatb
pin 4- grd
pin 5- 5V ac???
pin 7- standby
pin 8 - standby

With connector IM03 off Plasma turns on normally and seems to have all functions that are resident in onboard electronics. Menus, adjustments, etc. Any ideas? Is it still the Samsung power supply or another common Plasma failure? Regards Crowbarring in Missouri
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I also cannot find the link for posting a new thread, so I had to hijack this one. My apologies.

Toshiba 50HP66 - suffered from the blink on startup until it finally quit.  Used the great info from Coppell to determine the YSUS was bad and received a repaired board from them.  Still having issues.  

I used the troubleshooting steps to determine the bottom YDRV has issues. I have the set fired up with the bottom YDRV out.

When I power the TV up, sound is fine but the screen starts out dark and as the set warms over the first minute.  The top half warms up slowly to show a little of a picture.

On a bright picture, the screen goes from looking like it was painted black with a paintbrush to viewable at the top.  The middle stays dark, and with the Bottom YDRV out - the lower half is blank.  

Therefore I can't see the menu so that I can try turning the brightness up.
I'm trying to decide if the unit is worth saving.  Logic says there is another issue besides the bottom YDRV.

When the image is a darker scene the screen is "repainted" black and on a lighter view it starts to repaint pixel by pixel back to a viewable picture. Here is a photo after it has warmed for 5 minutes - bottom YDRV out.  This is about as good as it gets since I can' t use the menu to tweak any of the picture settings.  

Any tips on what else would follow the YDRV would be appreciated.  I really want to give Coppell my business, but fear I am hitting a loss point on price.

Thanks,  Mike.