Posted: 7 years ago Quote #23
First, thanks for the help a few weeks ago in identifying the darkened mystery cap in the power supply.

I have a 42 inch Digital Lifestyles LCD TV that went black, no sound and no menus. I repaired the power supply with 2 filter caps and one darkened 'other' cap and all voltages were then present and at the correct level. After that, the backlighting came on but no menu or anything else. I replaced the main board. The first thing I noticed, with no source signal applied, was the snow on the screen was pink and black instead of white and black. The TV now operates normally EXCEPT that some white areas have a very slight pink tint but not all white areas. The video tint control is NOT available except when the signal source is set to TV which is for an over the air broadcast ant which I don’t have. Is this pink tint symptom bad inverter boards, a bad T-Con board, poorly seated ribbon cable or something else? Thanks for any help.