50" PSPF531801A

Posted: 6 years ago Quote #30
Lightning strike then developed a clicking sound while trying to cut on!!

While after some research that didn't show much, I noticed a bulged cap (450v 270uF) (CP802) replaced with same cap then put together with back off, it started boot up then blew that same cap. So I put it to the side but now after bout a year or so now I start researching again and find all this info. So removed the power supply, no other damaged by naked eye, then pulled the other unit on the sides which is stated as the main cause of the clicking initially. The board on left has no signs of damage but after pulling the second board which connects directly to the lcd module it has a burnt transistor (Q5501)which most likely caused the clicking and blowing of the replacement capacitor. But would know the testing specs of the main board to see if I don't have to replace the power supply just replace the other board or have it repaired.

Any help will be greatly welcomed!!
Posted: 6 years ago Quote #31
While dang how I overlooked this damage but the lower buffer board has a burnt transistor which it connect to the same board with the transistor that's burnt.