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I have a sharp lcd tv and the power board is bad. being i can't seem to find a power board can someone help me with the pinout?

this board has 1 power in and 5 what looks like output connectors. more than likely they are power out to the other boards.

so what i want to do is sub in another power board that has the same output power. it seems to me that power is power.

my board is the RUNTKA682WJQZ  and the pl connector seem straight forward as it has
pl-1-2 pnl 12v and
pl-3-4 sgnd

pd connector shows
pd-1-2 ur13.2v signal
pd-3-4 s13.2v audio
pd-5-6 sgnd audio
pd-7-8 sgnd signal
pd-9 ac-det
pd-10 ps-on
pd-11 busv
pd-12 pn-pow

connector LB
JB-1-4-5 nc
LB-2 dimmer
LB-3 sound
LB-6 error
LB-8 stb

connector L2
L2-1 led_drv1-
L2-2 led_drv2-
L2-3-4-5 nc

connector L1
L1-2 led2+
L1--3-4 nc

i know sgnd is ground and nc is no connection and 13.2 v is 13.2 volts
but tell me is the, for instance, this connection pd-1-2 is that the connection between pin 1 and pin 2? and is that both pins have 13.2 volts on them?

also for connector L2  and L1 what might the led_drv1- mean? i'm thinking it is a neg and L1-2 led2+ means a positive something, but i di not know what that means yet

so if someone happens to know what these pinouts mean maybe i can find a board that has the same type of readings and sub it into this tv.

it might be another sharp tv may have a power board with the same pinouts but different connectors that i can splice.

thanks for any ideas and help on this.