Posted: 2 years ago Quote #537
Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me out or give me any pointers for this TV’s power board (dps-165hp-2-a)

I bought this tv as non working as a project to fix up while I’m off work. When I first got it, it was blowing the fuse F7001 as soon as power was applied. I found bridge rectifier BD7001 to be shorted across the AC input pins so replaced it but when I applied power it once again blew F7001 and the new rectifier was then a dead short between all 4 pins.

Further investigation showed that MOSFET Q7801 was shorted across all 3 pins. I replaced the MOSFET and the rectifier and can now apply power to the board without the fuse blowing but the TV is still dead, no standby light or anything.

I see that capacitors C7817 and C7818 are common failures so I replaced them along with IC7801 but still no life from the TV.

I’m reading 330v across both capacitors C7800A and C7800B which I think is too high for the tv on standby and too low for the tv powered on. Also I don’t seem to be reading any voltages on the secondary side of the board.

Any guidance anyone can give me on this would be greatly appreciated.