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Faulty DELTA DPS-178AP RDENCA198WJQZ usually results in completely dead TV. If your Sharp is completely unresponsive chanes are you need this repair.

Coppell TV Repair offers you a REPAIR SERVICE for the power supply board DELTA DPS-178AP RDENCA198WJQZ as shown on the picture.

REPAIR SERVICE means you have to send us your boards that we will service, test and return back to you.

The board is used in a number of Sharp LCD TVs and possibly others.

The most common failure in that board results in a completely dead TV - no front LED, no response to buttons, nothing.

Of course it is also possible for other types of problems as it is possible that the TV may be completely dead because of the main board, so do not jump into conclusions.

For a certain diagnostics you will need a digital multimeter / voltmeter and some help that you can find if you search for that power supply board at our blog (let us know if you can not find the article).

Typical processing time for the repair is two business days; if we have any probems that require more time (be it overload or technical problems) we will contact you with an update and request for more time.

Shipping instructions are provided via email shortly after placing an order.

Please note that this service is not completely guatranteed to restore functionality of your TV, only of the board being serviced!

Also we ask that the board arrives here in good physical condition and without traces of tampering. If someone (other than us, that is) has already attempted to service the board then please contact us with a description/pictures and do not directly place an order. We reserve the right to refuse service to boards that have signs of repair attempts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.