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These are the essential components needed to repair a failed ZSUS board 6871QZH060B used in LG 60PC1D.

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Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you the essential components needed to repair a failed ZSUS board 6871QZH060Bused in LG 60PC1D and other 60'' plasma TVs.


The kit contains the large IC voltage regulator (called IPM from intelligent power modules) IC7 and IC8, respectively called ER IPM and SUS IPM.

There are several different manufacturers of the IPMs and there are different versions of componetns by each manufacturer.

After having serviced over a thousand of boards using those IPMs we can claim that there are no better and worse modules in regards to lifespan or quality by design and production; we have seen enough boards with both LG and Sanyo installed OEM and they all fail in due time.

Because of market dynamics we can not guarantee you which model of IPMs you will receive; we can only guarantee you that those are the best we could source and that we ourselves use them in our repairs.

As long as you replace both of them it doesn't make any difference what was previously on your board.

Make sure you read the warranty conditions section to know what to do if you do not like what you receive.

The second picture in the listing is an illustration for the traces a burned IPM has left on a board of an LG 60PC1D.


While having serviced easily over a 1000 of YSUS and ZSUS boards using those same IPM modules, those boards were the 50'' versions 6871QYH039B and 6871QYH044B or their equivalents.

At the time of creating this listing we have less experience servicing the 60'' models and while the reasons for failure and some of the symptoms may be the same, others may differ, so we will be more careful listing them here until we can be more specific.

With that in mind, here is a quick list of symptoms of a failed ZSUS:

1) A blown open fuse on the ZSUS board - the one right next to the power connector in the top left corner.
The TV should be able to start and may even show a picture - very dark, blotchy, slow purpule stains appearing on the screen.
There may not be an image at all, but if the TV works for some time the heat sinks on the YSUS would get warm and the ZSUS ones would remain at the room temperature.

2) Same as the above, but the fuse does not necessarily have to be blown open. Sometimes the IPM would serve as a fuse and blow open first to the same net effect; if the rest of the symptoms match then it's likely the ZSUS board 6871QZH060B that is bad.

3) The TV refuses to start unless the power cable for the ZSUS board is disconnected.
This is also a very reliable indication (though not 100% reliable - it is possible for a shortage in the Va tract to cause the shutdown) for a failed ZSUS board. In such case there would usually be a shortage between Vs and GND or Vs and SUS_OUT on the IPM pins at the back of the board.


Applying this kit requires advanced soldering skills and appropriate equipment. A 50W soldering iron for $15 won't cut it and a 100W iron is more likely to damage the board than help do the job.


We do not guarantee that this kit is all that your board needs! Based on solid experience we claim there is about 80% chance this is all you need. 1 in 5 will need additional components and they vary!

There is NO WARRANTY on the components once they get soldered on a board! You can returned them for exchange or refund , but only prior to soldering them on a board. We are well aware this is not a common practive, but dare claim we've serviced more boards than probably all other vendors combined and we give them the right to lose money any way they want.


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