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Repair service for LG 50PQ20-UA power supply /dead or failing to start TV symptom/

If your LG 50PQ20-UA is either totally dead or attempts to start only to shut back off you may need this repair service!

 Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a REPAIR SERVICE for LG power supply board PS-7471-1 (A or B) as shown on the picture and used in a number of their plasma TV models.

REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send us your malfunctioning board which we will diagnose, service, test and return back to you.

The repair service targets any and all failures that may have developed on the board for whatever reason, subject to the below conditions.

That is to say we do not limit ourselves to a repair of a specific failure or task such as replacing bad capacitors etc. In fact, if you see bad capacitors on the board we recommend you replace them yourself and seeing if that would help before sending the board to a service company.

If we take the board for servicing and fail to repair it (again, subject conditions below) we will not charge you service fees and only send payment request for the return shipping cost; we will not make money from you in this case.

Note that we may offer one or more DIY repair kits for power supply EAY60713401 / PS-7471-1B-LF. Look at the end of the page or search for the board model or your TV model to find all available listings!


How does it work

You can initiate a service request through the button at the top of the picture.

You will be asked about some essential contact information and will receive, in the browser and in an email, a shipping instructions with some guidance on how to package and where to send the board.

We will not be sending you prepaid shipping labels. You can ship or drop-off the board at our shop (if you are local), either way is fine, but PLEASE read the shipping instructions!


Once we receive the board we first test to see if it is indeed bad and if it is we move on to repairing it.


If the board tests fine on the way in we contact you with our finding and request (via email) for minimal diagnostic fee and return shipping. You can talk to us before paying.

If the board tests bad we proceed to servicing and testing it.

If we successfuly repair the board we send you payment request (via email) for the advertised price, which includes return shipping via carrier of our choice within continental USA.

If we fail to service the board we contact you and request return shipping costs only.

Board failure symptoms

If TV has a standby power, but refuses to power on and only clicks on and then quickly back off chanes are the power supply board is bad.

If you find an open (blown) fuse on the board it is probably bad. DO not bother replacing the fuse alone, that is unlikely to help.

One fairly reliable way to check if the board needs servicing is disscussed here:

(the board in the article is different , but the said applies to that in LG 50PQ20-UA)


Processing time

Typical turnaround is two-three business days after we receive the board.

Sometimes it can be faster and other times it may be slower.

If we start working on the board, but have difficulty with it we'll make sure to contact you and update you on the progress.


Warranty conditions

Once accepted and undergone a successful repair the board is covered with a standard 90 days warranty under which customer is responsible for delivering the board to us in case of a warranty reclamation and nothing else. We repair/exchange/refund at our cost and ship back (if applicable) again at our expense.

Board service requirements

This offer requires that we receive board in good physical condition and without traces of previous repairs or other tampering.

Broken boards and boards with traces of repair attempts may be denied service or may be accepted with additional warranty restrictions.

Statistics have shown that boards with traces of previous repairs take longer to fix often resulting in practicall loss instead of profit for the company.

We do not have an issue with light or professionally done servicing; it leaves traces and that's all right. As long as the board has been profesionally or very lightly handled we're not going to make a fuss. We're in business to do what we can and make money and not to pick on others.

However, since we're the ones doing the job we'll be the ones having the saying so on what's light repairs and what's tampering.

Minimal diagnostic fees

Board that arrive in good working order are a subject of a diagnostic fee of up to $25 , the eBay sales transaction fees and the return shipping costs and issue refund for the rest..