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Vizio VW42LHDTV10A backlight inverters replacement set for dark display problem

If your Vizio VW42LHDTV10A is coming up with a dark screen and no backlight glow is coming from it even in a dark room then it most likely needs new inverters.

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( alternatives are available – see below )

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a REPLACEMENT SET for the backlight inverter boards used in Vizio VW42LHDTV10A LCD TV.

The set consists of two brand new master and slave inverter boards, same or similar to the ones shown on the picture.

They are not going to be the same boards as the ones originally used in Vizio VW42LHDTV10A, however as a set they are electrically compatible and can replace them. We've done it multiple times on various TV models.

Do not try to replace just one of the boards! They go in pairs and must be used in pairs.

The replacement inverters that we will send may be slightly different in size (usually larger); they are chosen based on same or better electrical characteristics - usually same output voltage, but designed for higher current, i.e. larger display. What that means is they will receive less load in a smaller TV (due to the display being smaller) and last longer.

Because of the size difference you will have to sacrifice the metal shielding from the original inverters (no harm done from that, all recent LCD TV models do not have any shielding at all) and you may have to fasten the inverters with one or two screws only.

When attaching make sure to fasten the hole that has metal track on the back so that the back of the inverter where the ground is exposed to be in contact with the panel assembly!

You may have to flip the place of the master and slave inverters as shown on the picture.

No additional soldering should be required and we supply all the cables needed to make it work.

The inverters come with simple instruction sheet and should it prove insufficient you are always welcome to contact us for help.

You can see the following video we've made after replacing the inverters in a Vizio VW42LHDTV10A LCD TV:


Unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in the listing the boards we sell come with a standard 90 days warranty.

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Returned boards must carry the Coppell TV Repair LLC identification stamp or label and must not have been damaged, modified or otherwise tampered with in order for warranty coverage to remain in force.

Boards returned with request for refund / order cancellation will be subject to restocking fee covering forward shipping cost, transaction cost and $10 fee for the board testing needed prior to slating it for sale again.


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