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6632L-0448C / 6632L-0449C master/slave inverter replacement set

A brand new, never used replacement set for backlight inverters 6632L-0448C and 6632L-0449C. The boards are different, but brand new and electrically compatible!

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Coppell TV Repair offers you a REPLACEMENT SET for the backlight inverter boards 6632L-0448C / 6632L-0449C used in a number of LCD TVs.

The set consists of two brand new master and slave inverter boards, same or similar to the ones shown on the picture.

They are not the same boards as the ones in your TV, however as a set they are electrically compatible and can replace the original inverters 6632L-0448C and 6632L-0449C.

Due to the high failure ratio of the original 6632L-0448C / 6632L-0449C boards they are in great demand and often there are no quantities available on the market or the ones that are available are refubrished ones...which can be OK, but which also made us look for other alternatives and we find them - brand new, quality brand, just made for a differnt backlight assembly with the same electrical characteristics.

Only do not try to replace just one of the boards - they go in pairs and must be used in pairs!

Also important: the same pair of inverters is used in many different LCD TV makes and models; the replacement boards may be different in size and possibly have different locations for mounting holes; they may also be different in physical size requiring you to either bend or eliminate altogether the aluminum shielding covering the original boards.

It's a simple process as the only thing needed is a set of pliers. As many new TVs come even without such shields one can safely leave the shield out altogether.

Our recommendation would be to aim at keeping it in at the cost of slightly modifying it if neccessary, but again it is not a requirement.