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Vizio L42HDTV10A backlight inverters replacement set for dark display problem

If your Vizio L42HDTV10A is coming up with a dark screen and no backlight glow is coming from it even in a dark room then it most likely needs new inverters.

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( alternatives are available – see below )

Coppell TV Repair offers you a REPLACEMENT SET for the backlight inverter boards used in Vizio L42HDTV10A LCD TV.

The set consists of two brand new master and slave inverter boards, same or similar to the ones shown on the picture.

They are most likely not the same boards as the ones used in Vizio L42HDTV10A, however as a set they are electrically compatible and can replace the original inverters.

Only do not try to replace just one of the boards - they go in pairs and must be used in pairs!

It will be hard to do because the replacement inverters that we will send may be slightly different in size (possibly larger).

Because of the size difference (if any) there may also be a problem with affixing the boards to the backlight assembly in that it may only be possible to use a single hole on the inverters for that purpose.

But we have done it many times and so can you.

No additional soldering will be required and we supply all the cables needed to make it work.

You may also have to leave out the protective aluminum shields of the original inverters (if present; not all models have them and especially all new models totally leave them out).

The inverters come with simple instruction sheet and should it prove insufficient you are always welcome to contact us for help.

Warranty conditions

Should you have a problem getting the boards we send to run we first that you ask to contact us for help.

If that does not yield positive results you can send the boards back for refund.

We issue full refund on boards that prove to have a problem (beyond a physical one possibly caused by customer or carrier) and withhold restocking fees on boards that arrive in good working order.

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