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Insignia NS-LCD37HD-09 backlight inverter replacement for sound, but no image problem

If your Insignia NS-LCD37HD-09 has sound, but dark screen chances are good that you need this replacement module.

Out of stock

( alternatives are available – see below )

This board is out of stock, but the following options are available:

Coppell TV Repair offers you a replacement for the backlight inverter 6632L-0490A shown on the picture and used in Insignia NS-LCD37-09 and other 37'' LCD TVs.

The inverter we will send may be the same as the one shown on the picture or a different one. See more in the "What will you be receiving" section.

Failure symptoms

A failed backlight inverter can have the following manifestations in order of likelyhood based on our experience:

1) Show display for a few short seconds after powering on the TV, usually accompanied with a loud buzzing sound, then the display gets dark and the TV continues to work; if configured on the right input and supplied with signal the TV would produce normal sound

2) Sometimes the failure may come to a point - at once or over time - where the display will not get backlight even for a short while; it may come up dark from the beginning. Sound may still be or not be present.

3) In some not so common cases the inverters can fail and short in a way that would prevent the TV from coming up as the power supply board would detect the shortage and turn itself off. If you doubt this is the case the simplest way to verify it is to disconnect the backlight inverter boards supply from the power, which would eliminate the shortage. If the TV comes up and stays on (without backlight, of course) then this is likely the problem.

What will you be getting

We will be sending either an original replacement or, if not available, a new compatible substitute of the board shown on the picture.

When a board of a certain kind tends to fail more than anticipated it is not uncommon for the originally allocated number of spare replacements to get depleted and for the market to run out of boards.

In such cases the best solution is to find a brand new substitute for the original board and that is often possible and not so often economically viable.

The next step is to move towards service of the failed board.

In line of the above we try to seek and send boards in the following order:

1) Original equivalents to the board shown - brand new and unused

2) Brand new substitutes (different models / releases) - we always verify compatibility at our own shop before we offer a different board to customers; we do not test each individual module we sell if they are brand new, we only ensure that the substitute does indeed successfully replace the original by testing a sample.

3) Serviced and tested original or subsitute boards - when both above options are depleted and we have the ability and motivation to service boards we do so and sell them under the same conditions even though they are older and , frankly, less likely to perform equally well in a long run. Yet when it comes to that users don't usually have a better option so they have to get them.

When we sell serviced and tested boards we usually do so through explicit listings advising of that.

This listing is NOT for boards serviced and tested by us; it is for a brand new, original or substitute, version of the board shown in the picture.

Shipping time

Boards will be shipped within one business day of placing an order.

Warranty and returns

Your Insignia NS-LCD37HD-09 replacement inverter comes with a 90 days warranty.

If we receive the same board that was sent (uniquely marked) without traces of tamepring and it tests bad you can receive replacement or refund, whichever you prefer.

Returning unused and functional boards is also allowed and partial refund will be issued, with S&H and restocking (testing) costs withheld and the reminder credited back.