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TECHWOOD 42832 HD DIGITAL backlight inverters replacement for dark screen, no image problem

If your TECHWOOD 42832 HD DIGITAL powers on and stays on with or without sound, but nothing on the screen chances are you need these replacement inverter boards for it.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you replacement modules for a common problem found in TECHWOOD 42832 HD DIGITAL and caused by failing inverter boards providing the light for the LCD.

Typical failure symptoms and other important details are covered in the sections below.

Many TV manufacturers tend to change displays and backlight panels in the middle of their production process and as a result many times the same TV model may come out with different internals. The differences are usually impossible to tell from the outside, but may be significant internally (i.e. replacing a Samsung display made in Korea with theoretical equivalent made by another company in China).

So before purchasing please open your TV and make sure it uses the same inverters as the ones shown here.

Failure symptoms

A failed backlight inverter in TECHWOOD 42832 HD DIGITAL can have the following manifestations in order of likelyhood based on our experience:

1) Show display for a few short seconds after powering on the TV, usually accompanied with a loud buzzing sound, then the display gets dark and the TV continues to work; if configured on the right input and supplied with signal the TV would produce normal sound

2) Sometimes the failure may come to a point - at once or over time - where the display will not get backlight even for a short while; it may come up dark from the beginning. Sound may still be or not be present.

3) In some not so common cases the inverters can fail and short in a way that would prevent the TV from coming up as the power supply board would detect the shortage and turn itself off. If you doubt this is the case the simplest way to verify it is to disconnect the backlight inverter boards supply from the power, which would eliminate the shortage. If the TV comes up and stays on (without backlight, of course) then this is likely the problem.

Shipping time

Boards will be shipped within one business day of placing an order.

Warranty and returns

The replacement inverter boards for your TECHWOOD 42832 HD DIGITAL come with a 90 days warranty.

If we receive the same boards that were sent (uniquely marked) without traces of tamepring and they test malfunctional here you will get a full refund.

Returning unused and functional boards is also allowed and partial refund will be issued, with shipping and handling costs withheld and the reminder credited back.