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Get the YPPD-J015C and YPPD-J016C pair of IPM modules for 50'' and 60'' LG plasma sustain boards from the same parts that our own technicians use

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Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a pair of IPM modules YPPD-J015C and YPPD-J016C as shown on the picture and as used in 50'' and 60'' LG plasma TV sustain boards. 


The kit contains LG's YPPD-J015C and YPPD-J016C, respectively known as the sustain and energy recovery IPMs.

Those two ICs work together and should be replaced together, much like the front wheels on a car.

Do NOT replace just one of the ICs!

They can replace any other pair of IPMs - be it J015B/J016B, J015E/J016E or the Sanyo equivalents - as long as you replace both ICs at the same time.
We have done it hundreds of times.

Our first-hand experience allows us to claim that there are no better and worse modules in regards to lifespan or quality by design and production; we have seen enough boards with both LG and Sanyo installed OEM and they all fail in due time.

Make sure you read the warranty conditions section to know what to do if you do not like what you receive.


There are a number of different ways the YSUS board may fail and a number of different symptoms, some of which are easy to confuse with other failures. Sometimes a failed sustain can not be distinguished from a good one by simply using a multimeter (despite of what the LG service manual says) and the only good way to know the board is bad is to put it in a working TV.

With that in mind, a quick list of symptoms of a failed sustain follows:

1) TV flashing white screen about every second and a ticking sound can be heard (if you have good ears) from the YSUS board;

2) TV comes up, display is dark, there may or may not be sound (as TV may or may not be at proper input); after running for 5-10 minutes like that one or both of the heat sinks on IC201 and IC202 is cold compared to the other or to the other heat sinks on the ZSUS board;

3) TV clicks on and quickly back off, i.e. refuses to stay on. This is often caused by a shorted IPM on either of the two boards, but without blowing any fuse on the board; in that case there is usually a short between Vs and GND on the power connector on the failed board.

4) TV clicks on and shortly after back off, then after a short pause tries again; some TVs may not restart automatically (depends on the main board) and then this looks like 3) only the time is usually a bit longer


Applying this kit requires advanced soldering skills and appropriate equipment. A 50W soldering iron for $15 won't cut it and a 100W iron is more likely to damage the board than help do the job.


We do not guarantee that this kit is all that your board needs! Based on solid experience we claim there is about 80% chance this is all you need. 1 in 5 will need additional components and they vary!

There is NO WARRANTY on the components once they get soldered on a board! You can returned them for exchange or refund , but only prior to soldering them on a board. We are well aware this is not a common practive, but dare claim we've serviced more boards than probably all other vendors combined and we give them the right to lose money any way they want.

If you want warranty 
consider using our repair service for your sustain board . We offer repair to both YSUS and ZSUS modules - just search to find an appropriate listing!


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