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If your LG 50PK950-UA is either completely dead or tries to come on only to shut back off you may need this repair service.

 Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for the power supply board of the LG 50PK950-UA plasma TV as shown on the picture.

REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send in your malfunctioning board which we will diagnose, service, test and return back to you.

The service targets any and all possible failures that may have developed on the board for whatever reason, subject to the board condition requirements below. We do not limit our repair services to a specific common failure requiring specific common fix such as replacing a number of capacitors or other components.

If we take the board for servicing and fail to repair it (again, subject to board condition requirements below) we will issue you full refund and only send payment request for the return shipping cost; we will not make money from you in this case.

Note that a DIY repair kit or an exchange service may also be available for this board. Check our eBay store and corporate web store for availability and pricing.

How does it work

Shortly after placing an order here on eBay you will receive an emial with shipping instructions from us, Coppell TV Repair.

It will give you some important intructions on how and where to send the board, which we've polished over time to make the process as efficient as possible.

We will not be sending you prepaid labels. You can ship or drop-off the board here (if you are local), either is fine, but PLEASE read the shipping instructions to help reduce problems down the line.

Once we receive the board we first test to see if it is indeed bad and if it is we move on to repairing it.

If we're successful we ship it back to you.

If an exception occurs we get in touch with you to disscuss options.

Failure symptoms

  • (certain) If you find an open (blown) fuse on the board it is definitely bad. Replacing the fuse alone is usually not going to help for the simple rason that fuses usually blow AFTER a power component has failed. In some fairly rare cases the fuse may be the only thing that has failed, but easily most of the time there will be more than a blown fuse on a power supply board.
  • (certain) If you can test the two (or sometimes three) large ceramic resistors at the upper right corner of the board - R927 and R929 - and one of them is open then the board is also definitely bad.
  • (not certain) If TV has a standby power, but refuses to power on and only clicks on and then quickly back off chanes are good the power supply board is bad. Depending on the failure you may even get a momentary blink of the screen, but that's not guaranteed.
  • (not certain) If the TV is completely dead, no any signs of life whatsoever, then the problem may also be in the power supply board, although it may as well be in the main board

There is actually a fairly easy and certain way to test this particular power supply board: disconnect all cables from it except the main AC power supply cable, then connect the board to AC power. A good board will click once and all output voltages will become present, including the Vs voltage which can be measured on the connector at the upper right corner of the board; upon disconnecting from AC the board will click once more, turning the relays off.

Upon connecting to AC a bad power will either remain dead or click once and then quickly once again, when shutting itself off when the built-in protection activates.

Processing time

Typical turnaround is two-three business days after we receive the board.

Sometimes it can be faster and other times it may be slower.

If we start working on the board, but have difficulty with it we'll make sure to contact you and update you on the progress.

Warranty conditions

Once accepted and undergone a successful repair the board is covered with a standard 90 days warranty under which customer is responsible for delivering the board to us in case of a warranty reclamation and nothing else. We repair/exchange/refund at our cost and ship back (if applicable) again at our expense.

Board service requirements

This offer requires that we receive board in good physical condition and without traces of previous repairs or other tampering.

Broken boards and boards with traces of repair attempts may be denied service or may be accepted with additional warranty restrictions.

Statistics have shown that boards with traces of previous repairs take longer to fix often resulting in practicall loss instead of profit for the company.

Minimal diagnostic fees

Board that arrive in good working order are a subject of a diagnostic fee of up to $25 , the eBay sales transaction fees and the return shipping costs and issue refund for the rest.