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Replacement set for Hitachi buffer boards used in a number of their 50'' plasma TV models.

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( alternatives are available – see below )

Coppell TV Repair offers a REPLACEMENT SET for the Hitachi buffer boards shown on the picture and used in a number of their 50'' plasma TV models.

It contains the upper and lower sustain buffer boards.

Those are repaired boards. If anyone here on eBay claims they are selling NEW boards they are most likely lying - whether on purpose or (more likely) because they are simply sellers and not electronics service technicians like we are.

From what we can tell repair has been pretty well done (not a DIY home type of job) and boards are functional.

However it is only fair to disclose that not all ICs on the boards were replaced and they should have been for a really top notch refurbishing job for reasons explained at length at our blog.

You are likely going to get same or worse from other board vendors...if you can find a source with all ICs replaced at a comparable price and quality it'll definitely be a better choice.



Warranty period is 14 days on all boards in this set.

Should you have a problem you will be responsible for delivering all boards from the set to us and nothing more; we will be responsible for service and/or exchange or refund (if no service or exchange is available) as well as the return shipping costs when applicable.

Local drop-off/pick-up is also available at service facility in Carrollton, TX.

All boards in the set are uniquely marked by Coppell TV Repair to help avoid fraud. We will not warrant any requests on boards that do not carry those marks and yes, people are known to try their luck every now and then.

Restocking fee in amount of $25 plus eBay/PayPal service fees plus S&H cost will be applied to a set returned and determined to be functional, i.e. returned for reasons beyond set's functionality.