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If your TV spontaneously shuts off or refuse to power on at all then this kit might solve your problem

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Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a repair kit for a known failure in the power board LJ44-00145B used in Insignia NS-PDP50HD-09 plasma TV.

The failure is manifested in different ways - sometimes the TV may spontaneously shut off and other times it may refuse to power on at all.

Since the same symptoms can be caused by about a gazillion other reasons one much more reliable indicator that you will need this kit is if the LED light on the power supply board LJ44-00145B blinks 4 times after the TV shuts off or refuses to start up.

You may need to take the back cover of the TV off to see that reliably.

And while very likely, this is still not a guarantee that this kit is all you need. While not gazillion there are still a few other possibilities that may cause the power board to shut off with error code 4.

So there is no guarantee that this kit will solve your problem. It is statistically likely (based on our experience), but like in every statistics there will be exceptions.

If anything, you should know that you'll be replacing components that are known to fail with improved ones.

Kit contents: Component labels and locations will be supplied after completing purchase.

All components in the kit are brand new. We use the same kit in our own repair facility.

Difficulty level: Easy. Requires basic soldering skills and almost any type of soldering equipment will do.

We - Coppell TV Repair - specialize in LCD and plasma TV repairs and we have fixed hundreds if not thousands of such boards - locally and through Internet.

See the reviews for our work and check our website and our blog there for some helpful information.

We can and will try to support your efforts within some reasonable limits, but we can not troubleshoot your board remotely nor can we spend the time to teach customers on individual basis how to troubleshoot.

If that does not sound right to you or if you doubt the quality of our product, services and advices please do not purchase from us!



You will receive parts from the same pool that our technicians use.

This is the best warranty we can give. We will not try and lie we test each individual part. This is practically impossible.

So instead we just say look at our feedback, our blog and decide if you can trust our word . We just try to make living by helping customers and charging them fair.