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This is a repair kit for a problem commonly developed by power / inverter board MEGMEET MIP260B / MIP260B-1 and its other modifications.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you a repair kit for a problem commonly developed by power / inverter board  MEGMEET MIP260B / MIP260B-1 and its other modifications.

The kit contains a number of components - only capacitors at the time of this listing's creation - that are known to go bad on the board and have to be replaced. The task requires soldering skills and equipment.

Failure symptoms, repair task difficulty level and other related and important information can be found below.

As with all repairs please note that we can not guarantee that this kit is all that is needed to fix the board, let alone the TV! It is offerred based on experience and technical information available to Coppell TV Repair LLC.

For details please see the warranty conditions section below.

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Standby LED present, but TV refuses to turn on or turns on and quickly or randomly turns off.

Power board may give whining noise when TV is being turned on, but not necessarily.

Visual inspection of capacitors C109 and C110 located next to the connectors for the main board cables may reveal them to be with swollen tops.

If bare board replacement is considered easy then this is intermediate as it requires essential soldering skills.
Several components, such as the above mentioned capacitors, will have to be desoldered and replaced with replacements from the kit.

Kit tested by Coppell TV Repair:
Yes (with various success; we've see more than one case when this was not the only problem on the board, but we have seen more cases where it was all that was needed).

Repair service offerred
The relatively low cost of the power board iself compared to the standard shipping charges does not make it viable to offer a repair service.
Any walk-ins are welcome, but for remote customers who can not or do not want to apply the kit by themselves we would recommend asking any local electrical or electronics technician to do it instead . They should do it for the combined cost of shipping alone.

1) As with all power boards please exercise caution and allow the board 5-10 minutes after disconnecting from power before starting to work on it!

2) There is no guarantee the kit will work for you. If in doubt, search our store for a whole replacement board that comes with warranty.