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This is a repair kit for a common failure in the main board of VIZIO VX42L as shown on the picture.

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Coppell TV Repair LLC is offerring a repair kit for a common failure in the main board of VIZIO VX42L as shown on the picture.

We also offer repair service as well as boards for exchange.

Kit reference name: CTVRL-NO-PB-0040

Failure symptoms
Typical failure symptom addressed by the kit are the TV switching from the standard standby yellow VIZIO logo to the white one upon turning on, but then never lighting up the screen and failing to respond to any other command, including a shutdown command.

If you have this particular one it is almost certain (though never guaranteed!) that this is the kit you need.

Another less common symptom is the front LOGO never changing color; this kit may then be of help, but it is statistically less likely, at least in our experience.

Kit contents

Replacement components for U7,U8,U9,U33 and possibly others (subject to accumulated feedback and experience).
If you know you need particular component and it is not listed here please contact us for pricing and availability.

Difficulty level

Medium to high. Replacing SMD components is not the easiest task in soldering, but it is doable with some experience, patience and decent tools.

Improper handling is very likely to damage the board, so if you are not certain you can undertake the service consider using our repair services instead.

The kit contains the same components that our own service technicians use.


Coppell TV Repair LLC does not guarantee that this product is all that is needed to resolve the problems with your TV.

Most of the repair kits we offer are based on first hand experience servicing boards at our repair facility. 

Over time they may get expanded with our own experience or information from manufacturer service bulletins, customer feedback etc.

Yet failure can be unique and there can not be guarantee that what has worked one, ten or even hundred times will also work the next one.

Just as important, every repair involves about equal portion of quality of parts and quality of worksmanship and as we have no control over the worksmanship quality unless we are the ones performing it we would be unwise to provide warranty of the products utilized by that worksmanship.

As such, no warranty is offered on this product once the components in it are soldered on a board.

If you would like warranty please see if a REPAIR SERVICE is offered instead of a kit. Unless otherwise noted all our repair services do come with a standard warranty.

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