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SN755867 / SN755870 for Samsung LJ41-02760A LJ92-01202

This listing is for BRAND NEW ICs SN755870 used in Samsung buffer boards as shown on the picture. It is NOT for the buffer boards themselves!

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This listing is for SN755867 IC used on Samsung buffer boards LJ92-01202A and LJ92-01203A as shown on the picture.

It is NOT for the buffer boards themselves.

SN755867 and its later version  SN755870 are 100-bit shift register ICs used in plasma sustain buffers to activate the individual display lines.

We mostly use them in occasional repair jobs for the infamous Samsung buffer boards LJ41-02760A  and LJ41-02761A employed in a number of 42'' plasma TVs.

There is a lot to be said about those boards and for some additonal information you can check our blog .

For this listing, you should know that SN755867 and SN755870 can be used together or exchanged. Buffer board revisions A1 to A3 use SN755867 while A4 and A5 typically use SN755870.

We have successfuly used SN755867 on a board with SN755870s and the other way around. The two ICs are completely compatible to the best of our knowledge.

What you will receive depends on what do we have at the moment: it may be SN755867 or it may be SN755870.

As of the time of this listing we have received two consecutive shipments of bad SN755867 chips, so we are mostly using SN755870. This may change over time though.

One of the best benefits of buying from us is that you buy from a company that uses what it sells and doesn't just resell it.

Doing the replacement itself is not a walk in the park. Again, use our blog to find some helpful information.

There are a lot of pitfalls in the trio of this particular sustain and two buffer boards.

One VERY big issue is the quality of the buffer ICs and we've learned this the hard way, as you might do as well. There are ICs that arrive defect (pink/red vertical stripes), there are ICs that seem to work well but only for 10 or so minutes and finally there are ICs that work as they should.

Probably the biggest benefit you get out og bying from us is that we ourselves use the same components that we sell. Our local repair shop works on the Y sustain and the buffer boards that go with it and the ICs we use come from the same box where yours will come from!

We are very careful to test a few ICs from every new shipment we receive before we put them on the shelf with the rest. And by testing we mean fixing a buffer and letting it run for an hour or two.

The second big issue is that the ICs are sensitive. They are temperature sensitive and static electricity sensitive. Choosing a proper heat gun to take the burned IC(s) off the board without overheating the board and the other ICs is very important, just as it is to avoid overheating the ICs when soldering them!


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