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W18NK80Z STW18NK80Z POWER MOSFET N-CHANNEL 800V 19A BY STMicroelectronics

STW18NK80Z / W18NK80Z is a power MOSFET transistor used in power supply boards for various televisions

In stock


Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more units of ST's W18NK80Z as shown on the picture.

It is used in a number of power supply boards, such as the Philips 715T2454-2 one.

As with most of our parts for sale we use them ourselves in our repair services meaning you will end up using a component that we ourselves would have used.


We do not offer warranty on components other than DOA meaning that you can return the component if you do not like the way it looks or how it tests to a meter...anything, but solder it and use it on a live circuit.

Once soldered or with cut legs the resposibility for its life is too much out of our hands and we can not afford to support it.