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A repair service for LG power supply board EAY42109401 / PSC10235J


Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for power supply board EAY42109401 as shown on the picture.

REPAIR SERVICE means that you need to send us your malfunctioning board that we will attempt to service, test and return to you.

Failure symptoms

Failure in this board is usually indicated by a completely dead TV (no front LED even available) or just a pair of clicks (click on and then click off) upon attempt to turn on the TV, or a fast clicking by the board or a TV taking time to turn on or turning off by itself after a while.

Most of those symptoms can be caused by other boards too, though, so do not jump into conclusions!

One very common failure on this board is caused by electrolytic filter capacitors at one of the DC output rails. Those are usually easy to spot visually and since replacing a capacitor is as easy as an electronic repair can get we advise that you do not send the board for that problem alone, but instead attempt to service it yourself or at least find a local service technician to preform the job.

Processing time

Typical processing time for the repair is within two business days; if we have any probems that require more time (be it overload or technical problems) we will contact you with an update and request for more time.

We have a fairly high success ratio, but we still do not guarantee success; if we can't get the board to work, though, you will not need to pay.


Presently we do not charge in advance for repair services.

Instead, once the board(s) are received, tested, found to be defective, serviced and tested again to success we send a payment request to the customer.

If something along the process - such as unexpected difficulty or finding a board to be functional - arises we contact the customer via email and/or phone and disscuss options.

Minimal charge / diagnostic fee

If a board arrives and is determined to be functional we charge up to $25 for diagnostic fee.

For explanation of why do we do that please read this article.

Board requirements

We ask that the board arrives here in good physical condition and without traces of tampering. If someone (other than us, that is) has already attempted to service the board then please contact us with a description/pictures and do not directly place an order. We reserve the right to refuse service to boards that have signs of repair attempts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.