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Repair service for Vizio M3D550KDE main board (TXCCB02K0010008 / TXCCB02K0300002 / TXCCB02K0010003 / 715G4404-M04-000-005K etc)

Repair service for main boards out of Vizio M3D550KDE smart LED TV. Various part numbers apply.

Vizio M3D550KDE main board 756TXCCB02K030 firmware EEPROM / NAND flash U405 - new, programmed, tested

The repair kit contains replacement for the memory IC that contains the Vizio M3D550KDE firmware.

Vizio M3D550KDE main board TXCCB02K0010008 / TXCCB02K030002 / TXCCB02K0010003 / 756TXCCB02K030 - serviced, tested, $50 credit for old dud

A functional Vizio M3D550KDE LED TV main board that can fix totally dead or stuck on Vizio splash TV or no sound or HDMI inputs

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