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Repair kit for Sceptre X42BV-FULLHD bad power supply board causing dead TV, not turning on

This is a repair kit for a problem commonly developed by power / inverter board FSP270-4M02 / 3BS0134113GP used in a number of SCEPTRE X42BV-FULLHD LCD TV models.

Repair service for SCEPTRE X42BV-FULLHD power supply board causing dead or not powering on TV

If your SCEPTRE X42BV-FULLHD is either totally dead or takes a few attempts to power on or powers on and right back off then its power supply board may be bad

SCEPTRE X42BV-FULLHD backlight inverters replacement for dark screen, no image problem

If your SCEPTRE X42BV-FULLHD powers on and stays on with or without sound, but nothing on the screen chances are you need these replacement inverter boards for it.

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